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WOVEN AFRICA Dual Studies on Agriculture 2063

Bringing Malawi and their neighbours together to build a working plan for Malawi to improve agriculture with technology and great education with the help of Dual Studies for Africa.

Goal of the Summit

The plan is to bring all people together who actively work or plan to work on solutions to enhance agriculture, health care, and rural development in Africa in the spirit and vision of Africa and Malawi agenda 2063.

our story

The Age of The Internet

The internet has changed the face of our world in mesmerizing speed. It brings the opportunity of a century to the previous disadvantaged countries and continents like Africa. The internet allows exchange of information in real-time between any place on earth. With the Internet of Things (IoT) this is not only an exchange between humans but also between machines. The big data amassed by the IoT devices make it possible that machines analyse them to get new insights and make reasonable smart decisions.



Agenda for Woven Africa

Under the patronage of Government of Republic of Malawi

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The holding hands of the project

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The UMa Soft GmH is the owner of CrossLoom, a highly advanced Digital Transformation Framework.
The bizpando AG has a solution to get transparency into the compliance with corporate accountability.
50 Experts Worldwide Advisors Alliance
The skills and experiences range from civil engineering to cutting edge information technology like Cyber-Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Speakers

Mr. Axel Angeli

Smart Agriculture 2063 As A Solution For The Century’s Challenges Of Africa

Mr. Jasper Bhaumick

German Dual Education System For Vocational And Academic Skilling

Prof Bernard C.G. Kamanga

Education In Malawi And Needs To Adjust For The Future Challenges