The Summit  will bring experts in Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition, Robotics, e.t.c.

Axel Angeli

Mr. Axel Angeli

Agile Hologramming for Leadership | Industries 4.0 l Agriculture 4.0 | Digital Twins l SAP Project Rescue

Logosworld - Technology Advisors

Logosworld is a German "Bureau of Engineers" and helps as strategy advisory to IT organizations for future technology.

50 Experts over 50!

After a life time in leading technology projects experienced experts have joined forces for handholding the next generation.

Jasper Bhaumick

Mr. Jasper Bhaumick


CrossLoom is Uma Soft’s solution for an interwoven and harmonized IT environment. With CrossLoom, the boundaries of other Enterprise Service Bus systems are overcome.

Connect the world of business for positive impact.

bizpando puts them into action, with a focus on low effort and costs for our customers. We are an all-in-one platform to connect, share and get a real-time insight into the compliance of your overall supply chain. bizpando enables companies to create a transparent future with positive impact to human rights and environmental health.

Bernard Kamanga

Prof. Bernard Kamanga

Deputy Vice Chancellor for the University of Livingstonia since October 2019. He has over 20 years of professional career experience and has held different portfolios at senior levels in various institutions. He has conducted several research activities particularly in development programmes including food security and livelihoods from the rights-based perspective. He has significant experience in development of programme and project proposals including budgets and management of project contracts for different partners including ECHO, DFID, AusAID, EuropeAid, DANIDA, FAHU, UN 2 | Page Agencies, Bill Gates Foundation, and NORAD. He has demonstrated experiencing in developing and evaluating strategic plans and vision plans for various organisations. He has demonstrated experience in natural resource management and climate change mitigation and adaptation. He has strong ability to develop and integrate learning based documentation, reporting and sharing. Over his professional career, he has developed strong ability to integrate rights-based approaches to development and strong and resourceful background in team building and performance assessment and appraisal.